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Whitehill Pelham's goal is to help find not just talented people, but talented people with potential. They understand that what makes someone successful today, may not be important tomorrow, and always look for talented people with potential. Whitehill Pelham's approach is two-fold, they look for the right skills for today, and the potential for tomorrows world.
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the brief

rejuvenating an old brand

Our exisiting customer, call hr, acquired Whitehill Pelham and came to us for a complete rebrand including a new website. They needed Whitehill Pelham to tie into the existing call hr brand and at the same time create a new and modern identity of it's own. The team behind both companies take great pride in their strong branding and needed Whitehill Pelham to reflect their ambition and attention to detail.
the essentials
From desktop to phone, Whitehill Pelhams website is seamlessly responsive - with no loss of content no matter what device you view the site on.

the solution


waving through recruitment

After recreating the Whitehill Pelham logo to better reflect the companies tie to call hr, we developed the branding one step further to provide a fresh adaptation on the colours, we did this through the use of gradients and waving shapes. We worked with Whitehill Pelham on a solution that would incorporate their existing job listing service and blend seamlessly as users visited the site.
easy to update
Whitehill Pelham needed a powerful CMS to handle the ongoing updates their site required. Our solution was a heavily customised WordPress dashboard, making it easy to navigate and ultimately simple for the whole team to add in content.

the result


The result is a bright, vibrant and refreshingly different recruitment website that ties to the teams existing brands and yet stands alone at the same time. Built on Wordpress, the company now has the tools they’ll need to make this brave new venture a huge success.
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